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And so the new year has arrived, in fact is well under way. This year, I will have to face my fear of  how to make technology work for my massage business! If you have read my blog about designing my website, you will know that this is not something I relish! It is a huge challenge for me and such things generally result in procrastination.

Today my attempt to conquer Google soon found me ditching that to read this brilliant blog from Business Coaching Sussex! The section that suggested finding inspiration to help with the uncertainty of moving a business forward was especially timely. Only this morning I was thinking of an event I had attended that had provided great inspiration.

The event was not related to massage at all, it was the 10th Birthday party of the Fair Shop, Brighton. In the space of 3 hours, I felt energised by the stories I heard there. People committed to providing alternatives to the way we shop and the positive influence this can have on the lives of others. I was so inspired by their passion, especially given the leap of faith they have taken to do so. Afterwards, I asked one of the designers whether she ever felt despondent given the enormity of the task ahead of her. She said no, that when you love what you do that carries you forward.

Remembering that day came as I made my way home from something else I find inspirational – Parkrun. Parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5K run co-ordinated and staffed by volunteers. Their commitment ensures we have an organised event every Saturday, no matter what the weather or what obstacles arrive in the park during the week! They are people with busy lives and I am in awe of what they give to us runners from their ‘spare’ time. There are five such runs in Brighton & Hove alone, and goodness knows how many across the rest of the country. It’s incredible.

And then there is the inspiration found in more difficult places. The fortitude and humour with which my friend is facing grave illness is the greatest inspiration I have right now. I picture her beautiful smiles that have shone on our recent walks despite discussing the gravity of what she is facing. Whilst all things in life are relative, I have drawn on knowing that if she can smile in the face of such overwhelming challenge, I most certainly can.

So I will draw on these inspirational people as I face what will be a challenge for me. I know that it won’t necessarily ensure success – I am far better at procrastinating. But inspiration provides a positive energy and reminds me how fortunate I am to be here doing something I love.

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