I am a sensitive and intuitive therapist. My focus is to provide a safe and nurturing space to support my clients. Using a creative approach to my work, I tailor my treatments to your requirements, whether you have pain and discomfort or need space to switch off (or both). I have been working as a massage therapist in Brighton & Hove since 2004 and love my work!

How I started

I originally trained as a holistic massage therapist, obtaining my ITEC Level 3 Diploma in 2004 (Wilbury School of Massage). However it soon became clear that there was a whole bodywork world out there to be explored. This was just the beginning of my journey. I found a thirst to develop my technique and knowledge that has continued to this day.

My massage

Since that initial training, I have had the privilege of learning more about my craft from some outstanding educators. In addition to obtaining a Level 4 Sports Massage Diploma (College of Classical Massage), I broadened my skills in a variety of areas. This enables me to provide remedial massage treatments that can draw on different techniques adaptable to individual needs.

The wisdom of one tutor in particular stands out when he told his class that the key thing we should do throughout our working life was develop our touch. The healing nature and beauty of touch cannot be underestimated. I use my careful, respectful touch to see what I can find beneath the surface, listening with my hands to what I can learn from my client’s body.

In addition to the awe I have experienced in discovering what hands on work can accomplish, I have found a love of the anatomy of the human body – its soft tissues and bony structures, how linked we are and how utterly complex.

Having had my own injuries and back problem, I have learnt through my own body the multi-layered affect pain can have on an individual. Addressing these issues has taken me on a journey of discovery of how I might ‘fix’ them. That, together with professional experience of working with other practitioners, enables me to support my clients with knowledge as well as hands-on work.

About me

In my spare time, I find my relaxation through running and Pilates. Both of these help me continue to understand first-hand the benefits of activity and bodywork. And above all, I love spending time with family and friends, particularly, my nephew and niece.