Massage for health and well-being
Massage for health and well-being ……..

What do I mean by that? This sentence can mean many different things.

Our bodies are a delicate balance of systems, feelings, hormones, stimuli, influences both inside and outside of them.  And what is right for one body isn’t necessarily the same for another. Whilst fundamentally being the same, we are different in so many ways.

Sometimes getting to know when we should stop, what is good for us and what isn’t, how far can we push ourselves, what our expectations are of ourselves, what we think others expect of us, is difficult. It is only when our bodies start to give us signals of imbalance and distress that we maybe start to realise something needs to be addressed. Or it might be that those signals aren’t clear until they become something more significant. Life can be a very tricky balance.

Getting to know ourselves can be hard and takes time. What is right for us at one stage of our lives may change and we have to adapt, learn, and change accordingly. We might get it wrong and well as right.

I help my clients with both information and treatments to support their bodies. To soothe, ease and calm. That might be niggles, discomfort in muscles, injury, headaches. Or it might be something that isn’t easy to pinpoint, just a feeling of unease, poor sleep, disquiet inside. I have a varied background of knowledge in both my own work and that of other types of practitioners. This enables me to treat my clients in a holistic way, taking account of their varied needs and providing information and guidance, both through massage and signposting other things that may be beneficial too. I look at how my treatments can support the whole person. For me, that’s what massage for health and well-being means.

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